martedì 8 dicembre 2009

Quantum Theory goes multiplatfom

Quantum Theory, Tecmo's oft cited Gears of War clone, will now joining it's inspiration on the Xbox 360. Announced in late 2008 as a PS3 exclusive title, Quantum Theory represents Tecmo's first forray into the shooter genre.

Quantum Theory is stop-and-pop cover based shooter, featuring your standard space marine Syd and his AI-controlled partner Fiona. Quantum Theory flips the tired cover mechanic on it's head by introducing a living environment, that dynamically creates and shifts cover, keeping the player on their toes. Fiona may also be used as a tool for solving puzzles or aids you in combat, too - think Elika from the newer Prince of Persia game.

Quantum Theory was originally due for 2009, so I can only wonder if the delay was a result of the 360 port? Either way, if there were any 360 only owners looking forward to this game, I'm sure their excited. Quantum Theory will be launcing for both platforms in spring 2010.


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