giovedì 1 ottobre 2009

Ueda targets a simultaneous release with Last Guardian

Despite crashing two major video game conventions in a period of just a few months, Team ICO's latest game is still well shrouded under a cloud of mystery. We know the game will be centered around a boy and his relationship with a bird/cat/rat creature, and that's about the extent of it. However, if there is one thing that is crystal clear about the game, it's that game director Fumito Ueda wants it to be released worldwide simultaneously.

Team ICO's previos games, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, launched on very different release schedules. ICO hit the US in September 2001, Japan in December, and Europe late in March of 2002. The quality of the game also caused some controversy, with the PAL version of ICO containing a huge number of extras over it's North American counter part. Shadow of the Colossus came closer,with the game hitting Japan and North America in October 2005 but it's trip across the pond was delayed 4 months further.

With The Last Guardian, Ueda aims to get the game out worldwide, simultaneously. During an interview at TGS, Ueda sidestepped the question asking about a release date, explaining "We want to avoid releasing an incomplete version". However, when pushed about releaseing the game universally at the same time, he did say " I hope to see that, yes". This would be in line with SCEI's new strategy of creating universally appealing games, which influenced The Last Guardian's title.


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