mercoledì 16 settembre 2009

Namco working on new Ace Combat game(s)?

Ace Combat 6 launched exclusively for the XBox 360 late in 2007. The game was never ported to the PS3, despite constant rumors that it would be. Since then, the Namco has been rather quiet about their iconic flight sim franchise.

Earlier this week, though, Namco Bandai Games trademarked what may be subtitles for a new Ace Combat game. The Japanese publisher filed patents for the titles "Skies of Fury" and "Skies of Hostility". This would lend further credence to rumors that hit in March that a new Ace Combat game was being developed for PS3, after Namco posted a job listing looking for artists that could craft models and textures for an airplane game.

With Tokyo Game Show set to kick off next week, anything could happen. It's been 3 long years since PlayStation owners took to the sky with the Ace Combat Zero, and a new addition would be warmly welcomed.


[UPDATE]:by Siliconera

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