mercoledì 19 agosto 2009

グランツーリスモ5 (Gran Turismo 5 )[Ps3]

If you happen to be ignorant or busy (like me) then you probably didn't realize Gamescom is well under-way. With all the news coming out today, its hard to keep up! Well Polyphony is making it harder by releasing a full list of features the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 will be seeing. However we have yet to see a date....WTH POLYPHONY!

Here is what you will see:
�¡ models included
1,000 vehicles
170 Premium new models (full interior modeling, the interior corresponds to vehicle damage)
830 kinds of standard model (some are from Gran Turismo 4 that have been carried over to GT5)

¡ Courses
60 courses confirmed with 20 or more to be revealed

¡ physical simulation of vehicles
Physics system simulation is brand new
Represented is full fall in vehicles [possibly rollover]
Damage representation (reproduced in full by real-time collision deformation)
faithfully reproducing the behavior of electric cars, i.e. Prius, Insight, hybrid cars and the latest Tesla model

¡ Arcade Mode
Single Race
2 player battle

¡ GT Mode
World Map
My Garage
Car DealerTuning Shop (parts, tires)
Car Washes/Oil Change
Race Championship (Series system, point system)
License Test

Open Lobby
Text / Voice Chat
Private rooms
Online Photo AlbumOnline Replay Album
YouTube replay output

¡ Photo Mode
Photo Drive (Circuit)
Photo stage (Stage Photo mode only)

Gran Turismo TV
Video output to a PSP or PSP Go®
Progressive Download
Improved user interface
Continuous Play for videos

¡ Museums
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue version, + more information at TGS

¡ Sound
Custom soundtracks (Use songs from your PS3 hard-drive)
Dolby Digital 5.1 and 7.1

Improved CockPit camera, along with a fully adjustable camera for ease of use. The game will also be able to track your head movement via a PlayStation Eye. All I can say is ...WOW...Im already blown away and the game isn't even out yet!


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