giovedì 15 aprile 2010

Class of Heroes 2G attending PS3 this year

Acquire's Class of Heroes is graduating from PSP to PS3 later this year, despite the old-school dungeon-crawler not ranking very high in the PSP popularity contest last year. Still, the RPG series is supported by a devout clique of players, and while Atlus has passed on publishing the PSP sequel in North America, an apparent PS3 version is in development for Japanese release.

Class of Heroes 2G is presumably an HD port of the PSP game, and Siliconera reports the game may have full voice acting, an expanded character edit mode and is planned for release in mid July.

Considering the old-school gameplay and relatively simplistic presentation, Class of Heroes 2G would make an ideal candidate for a PSN release in North America. That is, if anyone decides to localize it.


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