venerdì 5 marzo 2010

Square Enix prende in considerazione il remake di Final Fantasy VII?

Ecco...dopo che tutto era stato smentito esce questo nuovo articolo di PS3center:

Yoshinori Kitase has mentioned several times that a Final Fantasy remake is not happening, or that it's budget would be too high, yet people keep asking for it.

It seems though that Square Enix may be considering a Final Fantasy 7 remake, as they asked their followers on their official twitter account, what they thought about the idea of a Final Fantasy VII remake, suggesting that they may now be considering making the game.

They then had to post a tweet telling users to stop giving feedback a couple of hours later, as they had received an incredible amount of interest. They also mentioned that work on Versus was taking up a lot of time right now, so it is unlikely that we'll see an FF7 Remake soon.

So why aren't Square jumping on this chance to make a potentially (most likely) 4 or 5 million-selling game? Or are they just denying as long as they possibly can to surprise us later?

Sarà vero?O dobbiamo aspettarci l'ennesima smentia da parte del colosso giapponese?

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