sabato 13 febbraio 2010

NIS planning Disgaea 4 for PS3

The popular Japanese publisher Nippon Ichi Software(NIS) has run into rough times as of late. Blaming an over reliance on externally developed games, NIS has been bleeding money quickly. They' developed a response to that, though. As briefly discussed earlier in the year, NIS will be developing more PS3 titles and focusing more on selling games to the foreign market.

As a part of this new initiative, NIS has announced that they are working on Disgaea 4, exclusively for the PS3. NIS will be putting out eight titles in 2010, 6 of which will be brand new IPs. NIS head Sohei Shinkawa told Japanese videogame mag Dengeki PlayStation that they would be utilizing more of the PS3's processing power, following complaints over the visuals of Disgaea 3.

The Disgaea franchise is probably NIS's most popular series, selling over 1.6 million units during it's lifetime.

NIS is currently slated to publish Last Rebellion later this month, exclusively on the PS3.


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