sabato 30 gennaio 2010

Vanquish headed to PS3, may have PSP connectivity

Last night on GameTrailers TV, Platinum Games and Sega revealed their fourth and final scheduled collaboration - Vanquish, the latest title from Resident Evil 4 mastermind Shinji Mikami. The debut trailer was comprised entirely of live action and CG, with no in-game footage or even a specifc platform announced.

We can derive a few more specifics on the title, though, by going back to that leaked Sega document found earlier this year. Vanquish was first mentioned in that document as being a PS3 game, so we can assume the title will at least be coming to the PS3 (and by extent, probably the 360 as well). Further, Vanquish may have some sort of PS3/PSP inter connectivity - a request Sony made to Sega in return for showing off the game at their booth during E3 2010.

Have a look at the NeoGAF repost of the document here. Hopefully Platinum Games acquired some PS3 dev kits after the brouhaha surrounding Bayonetta.


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