mercoledì 13 gennaio 2010

Rumor: Dead or Alive 5 Coming to PS3

Before I got my PlayStation 3, I have actually looked at the first generation Xbox and had rented it as well as the game Dead or Alive. At the time, I was very impressed by how smooth the action was, how fast the fighting was, how easy it was to pick up and play and of course it how it looked.

Then however I received a PlayStation 2 for Christmas, and the rest, as they say, is history. However it appears that Dead or Alive 5 may in fact be going multiplatform, according to PSLS. Of course, nothing has been confirmed by Techmo, however this would be a smart move on their part as it would mean extra revenue for the company and it would give streetfighter perhaps a legitimate contender to its crown.

Now, this is not to say that Tekken and is bad! In fact it's quite good however after be after playing both series for quite some time I always seem to like Dead or Alive as the stories were simpler and I just liked the way that the game played. We will have to see, but this can only be a good thing for those of us that want to play DoA without buying another console.


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