sabato 23 gennaio 2010

Nomura: No FF7 remake 'for the time being'

Right around the turn of the New Year, Nomura made a comment that he had two unannounced games in development, one that was very far along in the development cycle, and another that 'wasn't exactly new'. Of course, many fans speculated that the latter may be a Final Fantasy VII remake. Well, Nomura has taken the opportunity to smash hopes once again - in the recent issue of Famitsu, he said there would be no FFVII remakes 'for the time being'.

Famitsu has been celebrating iconic video game characters the past month, and the latest issue featured an eight page spread on Cloud. The feature goes into a lot of detail on the history of Cloud, including design changes to both his character and his weapon. They also spoke to Nomura about the character, and what his plans were for the future.

"Enthusiast are always looking to the Final Fantasy VII remake, but I doubt this will happen for the time being," Nomura told the publication. "However, it's possible that he may continue to make guest appearances in other games".

Final Fantasy VII fans, looks like we'll be waiting a bit longer!


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