martedì 5 gennaio 2010

NIS promises more PS3 games in 2010

Nippon Ichi Software was one of the integral RPG producers for the PS2 last generation, but their PS3 selection has been rather sparse thus far. While they have published PS3 exclusives like Disgaea 3 and the upcoming Last Rebellion, the PSP has been their overwhelming favorite, with 3 games hitting the platform in just the first 3 months of 2010.

This is due to change, said NIS CEO Sohei Shinkawa in the latest issue of the Japanese magazine, Dengeki PlayStation. NIS will begin ramping up PS3 output over the course of the year. Shinkawa also said the company will be making more use of the PS3's graphic prowess in their upcoming titles, something they've come under fire for, with their internally developed Disgaea 3. The Japanese software publisher is currently working on several large scale RPGs, and thinks fans will be really surprised by the talent working on these games.

NIS is currently slated to publish the upcoming Hitmaker RPG, The Last Rebellion, due for February 2009 in North America.


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