martedì 26 gennaio 2010

メタルギア ソリッド ピースウォーカー (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker)[Psp]

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was totally my idea, said Kojima

Hideo Kojima, creator of everything Metal Gear, spoke to the Official PlayStation Magazine about where the idea of Peace Walker came from. Regardless to say, Kojima humbly said that the idea was mostly his. According to a recap from CVG, the humble creator of MGS explained how most concepts of Peace Walker started, or in his words, "It's strange, but not so many ideas come from the other staff," Kojima said.

He went on saying that, "Co-op Ring, Love Box - the names and the ideas came from myself." And at the end slowly but surely adding, "I am taking charge of the overall game design," Kojima said.

All in all, the idea of Kojima coming up with Peace Walker isn't all that bad. After all, great things have come from this beloved game producer. Which, by the way, makes us all wonder what is going on with the lightening bolt action of Rising since Kojima is busy with Peace Walker?


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