mercoledì 6 gennaio 2010

グランツーリスモ5 (Gran Turismo 5 )[Ps3]

Gran Turismo 5 Includes Indy Cars and Tracks

Gran Turismo 5 seems to be the only game that can disapear for a while, go completely undercover, then suddenly have some type of news and have everyone go crazy. Well they are at it again, and its nothing to do with the demo that just came out.

According to a recent leak of the Official PlayStation Magazine, GT5 has alot more packed into it than anyone expected. With over 3 years of hype, lets face it, our expectations are high as is. Well coming with GT5 will be this

-Night time racing

-Indy Cars and all Indy tracks will be included in the game. Lets note this is on top of the already listed GT, Nascar, and offroad series cars and tracks that have been announced.

-Over 1000 cars will be included in the game at high resolution details, both interior and exterior.

-150 special cars will see interior damage along with exterior damage.

-All cars in the game will see at least exterior damage ranging from beauty marks, to mechanical troubles.

-16 Players in one race online.

-Headtracking is confirmed for the game, hello Natal meet PSEye?

-Multi-screen use is confirmed, 3 PS3's can be used to have a bigger view.

-Weather is confirmed for the game, along with night and day racing.

Im sure there is more news to be seen from all of this, but as of right now all we have are the scans. The Official PlayStation Magazine comes out on January 20th, so be sure to head out to stores and read it for yourself!


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