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Famitsu Survey: PS3 Slim Announcement Is The Biggest News of 2009

The year 2009 just ended so what’s the biggest gaming news in Japan? Weekly Famitsu turn to its readers (who contributed 224 valid votes) and retail network (76 valid votes) to look for the answer. The PlayStation platforms appears to be dominating the headlines last year according to the voting with four PS3 news and a couple of PSP news in the Top 10. Despite the widespread rumors surrounding it, PS3 Slim announcement at gamescom is the overwhelming winner. The ¥29,980 new price announced at the same time is the biggest factor why both readers and retailers pick this as their top news of the year.

1. New model of PlayStation 3 announced. (112 Reader Votes / 42 Retailer Votes)
2. Final Fantasy XIII release date announced. (65 / 21)
3. Dragon Quest IX sold more than 2 million copies in two days. (49 / 20)
4. Nintendo DSi LL goes on sale. (40 / 9)
5. PSPgo announced. (32 / 14)
6. Nintendo sues R4 makers and sellers. (27 / 13)
7. PSP-3000 price drop. (34 / 3)
8. Project Natal announced. (28 / 2)
9. Final Fantasy XIV announced. (24 / 1)
10. Trico (aka The Last Guardian) announced. (19 / 0)

Those taking part in the survey also asked to select their MVP of the year 2009:

1. Dragon Quest IX (71 votes)
2. Final Fantasy XIII (28)
3. Square Enix (13)
4. Sony Computer Entertainment (13)
5. PlayStation 3 (13)

And the Kanji of the year is the word “tsu”, which means communication and chosen by most thanks to the now famous feature of Dragon Quest IX where players get to receive data from other players on the street even with their system shut. Also from the voting, Hideo Kojima is apparently the most active videogame creators in 2009 with more than double the vote of Dragon Quest series’ creator Yuji Horii who is second.

1. Hideo Kojima (Konami, 35 votes)
2. Yuji Horii (Armor Project, 19)
3. Toshihiro Nagoshi (Sega, 15)
4. Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo, 13)
5. Tetsuya Nomura (Square Enix, 9)


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