mercoledì 27 gennaio 2010

Capcom dates Super Street Fighter 4, Lost Planet 2

Earlier today, Capcom and Microsoft held a press conference detailing some cross game promotions between the two publishers. The majority of these announcement had were of little relevance to your average PlayStation 3 owners, but Capcom did announce finalized release dates for a few of their upcoming multiplatform titles.

Lost Planet 2, originally schedule to hit in Q1 2009, will finally be launching on May 18 in North America and Europe. The original Lost Planet was an Xbox 360 timed exclusive, but this time around, the sequel will be launching day and date on both platforms. Lost Planet 2 is a team-based 3rd person shooter.

Super Street Fighter IV will be launching on April 27 in North America and on April 30 in Europe. Super Street Fighter IV is a title update to 2009's critically acclaimed Street Fighter IV. SSFIV will include new characters, new combos and specials, rebalanced fighting engine, and enhanced netcode.

Capcom also spoke a bit about Dead Rising 2, reiterating that the game will hit in 2010, but did not give a specific date.


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