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ファイナルファンタジー XIII (Final Fantasy XIII)[Ps3,Xbox360]

Secondo il sito, per ammissione della stessa Square-Enix in un'intervista al noto magazine giapponese Famitsu, Final Fantasy XIII, l'atteso tredicesimo capitolo della saga di J-RPG più famosa al mondo, avrebbe qualche piccola differenza tra le versioni Xbox 360 e Playstation 3 del titolo, con qualche vantaggio per quest'ultima. Sembra, infatti, che, oltre alla già confermata presenza di multi-disco per la versione X360 e all'assenza di installazioni per l'unico Blu-Ray della versione PS3, audio e video verranno compressi in qualche modo per essere pubblicati sui DVD della versione per console Microsoft. Il titolo su Blu-Ray, invece, godrà di contenuti non compressi, per la gioia dei più pretenziosi.

Il colosso giapponese, comunque, ribadisce che le differenze saranno minime, sicuramente non percettibili da occhi e orecchie non allenate e, soprattutto, non lesive per l'esperienza di gioco su Xbox 360. Restate con noi!


Famitsu revealed the review score for Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII for PS3, the game received 10, 9, 10, 10 - (39/40). Here are some rough translation of the reviewers comments: (Source: Neogaf)
  • Reviewer #1 - 10
    Although the game is linear until the midway point, the story is substantial, like no FF before it, with its own distinctive appeal. The battles based around changing characters' roles are fresh and highly strategic. The tempo is speedy and you get very excited when fighting strong enemies. Being able to restart battles is a user-friendly feature I'm happy about.
  • Reviewer #2 - 9
    Unquestionably the highest echelon of event and movie scenes. Moreover, changing Optimas on a dime, the varied abilities and being able to use multiple magics at once bring real exhilaration to the battles. That high quality is unfortunately offset by a story that stays linear until the midway point. The lack of gimmicks during the middle of the game also worried me.
  • Reviewer #3 - 10
    The overwhelming graphics expressing every nook and cranny of this unique world, along with the praiseworthy direction, moved me!! The battle system is applicable both to beginners and micro-managers. The fights progress quickly, and have ratings, so you never grow tired and can always battle with a feeling of urgency. The melancholic story is also so dramatic, you can't tear your eyes away from it.
  • Reviewer #4 - 10
    I doff my hat to the overwhelming graphics and story. Since the game's various systems become denser as the story progresses, you find yourself pulled ever deeper into the experience. The summon battles take careful planning and strategy, so I was frustrated a few times, but the feeling of achievement when you win is something special. You'll be sorry if you don't play this!

- Square Enix announced they will be holding a Final Fantasy XIII launch event at Shibuya on December 17 early morning. The first 100 people who arrive and purchase a copy of FFXIII at Tsutaya will be joining the countdown festival with Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada and FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase. The first 300 customers will also receive free Final Fantasy Elixir beverages.


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