sabato 26 dicembre 2009

バイオハザード5 オルタナティブ エディション (Bio Hazard 5:Alternative Edition)[Ps3,Xbox360]

One of the bigger announcements at Tokyo Game Show this past September was the announcement of Resident Evil 5: Alterenative Edition(or, as it's called in North America/Europe, Gold Edition). Slated for spring 2010, the exhanced version of Capcom's 2009 horror hit will make extensive use of the PS3 motion controls and will include 2 new scenarios.

In a recent interview with the Japanese publication Dengeki PlayStation, Resident Evil 5 assisstant producer Mie Suzuki gave a little more insight into the scenarios planned for the DLC. Apparently, the Desperate Escape and Lost in Nightmares levels were planned from the start of the game's development, but removed to improve the pacing of the narrative. Now that players have had the chance to play the game as the developers intended, Capcom is allowing fans to delve deeper into the Resident Evil lore, which is why they are reintroducing the scenarios.

Suzuki stated the new acts will be 1-2 hours a piece, and will incorporate some sort of element that will increase replayability, though she was inspecific as to exactly what that is.

The Resident Evil 5 DLC is due out next February and March in North America and Europe.


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