mercoledì 9 dicembre 2009

戦場のヴァルキュリア2 ガリア王立士官学校 (Senjou no Valkyria 2 Garia Ouritsu Shikan Gakkou)[Psp]

VC2 on PSP so Sega could tie a game into the anime

Earlier this year, we blew the lid of the Valkyria Chronicles 2 unveiling. To the surprise of many, the sequel would be making the leap to the PSP, rather than staying on the PS3. Game producer Shuntaro Tanaka recently blogged about why they made this decision, and it seems a lot of it had to do with marketing the game.

The original Valkyria Chronicles launched in late 2008. The anime based on the game followed shortly after, hitting in spring 2010. Apparently, Sega wanted to push another game out in the wake of the anime to ride the wave of the anime. Tanaka reveals the original game took 3 years to develop, and despite their experience with the PS3, the game just wouldn't be finished in time. Instead, they opted for the shorter development time associated with PSP games.

Tanaka also reiterates that they were looking to expand the audience of the franchise as well - a goal they started with the anime. Tanaka also repeats that this is not necessarily the end of the series on the PS3 either, saying that the team loves working on high end games as well.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 is due out in 2010, exclusively for the PSP.


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