domenica 8 novembre 2009

ZOE3 rumors reverberate through Konami JP's headquarters

Kojima's been rather vocal on his desire to revisit the Zone of the Enders franchise. Over the past few weeks, he has spoken extensively on his blog about the failure of the franchise and his hopes to do a new Enders game.

It seems these rumors have spread throughout Konami's Japanese headquarters, and Kojima has had Konami staffers stopping him all across Tokyo about Zone of the Enders 3. Apparently, Kojima has been badgered in the office, stopped in elevators and even addressed in resturants in Tokyo. All the employee's echo similar sentiments, questioning when the production of the new game will begin or pleading to be apart of the design team. One Konami employee even has the PS2 disc stuck up in his cubicle.

Kojima has been impressed with all the enthusiam about the game, but tells all the inquirers the same thing - wait just a little longer.


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