giovedì 19 novembre 2009

MGO Surivial Challenge Announcement

Konami is promoting Metal Gear Online with a monthly series of Survival Challenge events. Starting a on the 28th November, players will be awarded Reward Points based on the length of their team's winning streak in Survival games over a 24-hour period.

The next events will be on 26th December, 23rd January, and 27th February.

To be eligible you just need to join a Survival lobby in the PS3 multiplayer shooter and play at least one game during the 24 hours; numbers will be capped at around 3000 players.

Oh but there is more, in-game goodies that is, you'll get a Regain in-game T-shirt to prove you turned up on each day, and a Regain hat if you make all four.

It's brilliant to see Konami is still supporting MGO and I hope they do more in the future, especially with even more DLC in the near future.


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