sabato 10 ottobre 2009

ベヨネッタ (Bayonetta) [Xbox 360/PS3]

Developed by Hideki Kamiya, creator of Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe, Bayonetta is a game high up on any action game aficionado's list. A few PS3 owning fans expectations may have been sullied, however, by the recent demo, which features screen tearing and muddy texture work. It's quickly becoming clear that, as a result in the disparity of quality, Platinum Games is really trying to establish the fact that they are not behind the PS3 port of the game.

In the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, which contains a preview of the game, features a disclaimer informing readers that Sega is behind the PS3 port of the game. Further, at the end of the recently released Japanese demo, the PS3 version also features a message, telling players the game was "converted by Sega". These are both extreme, unseen measures taken by a developer that have outsourced their games for porting, unseen in titles like Lost Planet or The Orange Box.

A quick play through of both the PS3 and 360 demos makes it obvious the PS3 version is the butter face of the two, but with the distance Platinum Games is trying to put in between the two, one can only wonder if the full PS3 version might be a 2 ton monster? Hopefully Sega can get the game fixed up by the time it hits the US next year.


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