giovedì 8 ottobre 2009

ベヨネッタ (Bayonetta) [Xbox 360/PS3]

As we mentioned just about a week ago, the demo of Platinum Game's 'climax action' title Bayonetta has just gone up on the Japanese PSN. The demo features The Angel Metropolis level. As an added bonus for PS3 owners, the stage featured in the PS3 demo is an extended version of the same level available in the 360 demo. The 360 demo also includes the Clock Tower level, which isn't available in the PS3 demo.

Initial reports of the PS3 version of Bayonetta claim it ran worse than the XBox 360 version, with excessive framerate drops and low quality textures. This will serve as a great opportunity for PS3 owners to try Hideki Kamiya's latest action romp before they buy it.

As the game is still months off from it's Western release, don't expect a demo to hit the US store any time soon. For now, you'll have to create a Japanese account(which only takes a few seconds).


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