giovedì 1 ottobre 2009

Bayonetta demo hitting the Japanese PSN October 8th

Bayonetta may not be coming out in the States until the new year, but that won't stop you from getting at least a small taste of it. Sega announced earlier today that Hideki Kamiya's new action game would have a demo posted on the Japanese PSN on October 8th.

Weighing in at a bit more than a 1.1GB, the demo will contain a tutorial and The Angel's Metropolis stage. By creating a free Japanese PSN account, any PS3 owner from any region of the world can download the demo. Initial reports of the PS3 version claim it ran worse than the XBox 360 version, with excessive framerate drops amongst other issues. This will serve as a great opportunity for PS3 owners to try before they buy.

Interestingly enough, the XBox 360 demo will contain the Clock Tower level in addition to what the PS3 demo shows.

Bayonetta is due for Japan on October 29 and in the US in January.


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