giovedì 27 agosto 2009

ファイナルファンタジー XIV (Final Fantasy XIV)[Ps3]

Sony surprised many this past E3 by announcing the next title in the FF series is exclusive to PS3 once again. That title being Final Fantasy 14 and its an online game like that of FFXI. Other than the usual "will we see a FF7 remake" question with the usual "we will see" reply from FF, the focus has changed to "When will we see FF14?"

The answer is sooner than you think. According to a recent interview, Square Enix thinks the beta could be out sooner than 2010, the time most of us believed we would see it.

Tanaka of Square Enix, "We can’t really say any certain timing, because the launch is planned to release is 2010. So that means in springtime there will probably be something at that point. We are trying to work as soon as possible, so as soon as preparation is done, there could be something earlier than 2010. "

So how cool would that be? FF14 coming this fall along with all the other great games! Don't get your hopes up though, its still targeted for 2010. In the interview they also explain that FF14 is being made to be an "easy transition" from FFXI so more people will be interested in playing, but at the same time they fixed flawed gameplay and made things alot prettier.


[UPDATE]:Final Fantasy XIV: i giocatori PC e PS3 potranno giocare insieme

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