sabato 22 agosto 2009

Kojima: Peace Walker in MGS4 Quality

Many people are left wondering about Peace Walker and rather or not its worth picking up. Well Kojima has all the answers to ensure you that Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker is what the fans want for a 5th Metal Gear Solid.

Yesterday Kojima explained that he chose to do Peace Walker exclusive to PSP instead of porting it to PS3 as well for friendly reasons. Explaining that with PSP you can get up and go to a real friends house to play the co-op portion of the game, instead of jumping online and not fully interacting.

Today via an internal magazine from Konami at Gamescom, Kojima explains even more details. First off he explains that Peace Walker has so much content within it that it will “require hundreds of hours to complete”. Being the story is taking place 10 years after MGS3, thats understandable.

So why is Peace Walker the "true" MGS5?

“The main team from MGS4 is participating in the development of this title and I am involved in all aspects of the game, ranging from design, direction and scenario writing.”

“Despite being on the PSP, we don’t plan on making any compromises with the graphics. The art team is used to producing PS3-level quality and the results will make you wonder if this is really a PSP game.”

He also states that the Peace Walker's storyline is too meshed up with the series and the new Kojima staff couldn't understand things correctly. Noting that Rising takes place in a distant future of the franchise with little to no ties to the past games, allowing the new team to be more creative and begin to understand a new story, while the MGS4 team can focus more on Peace Walker. Maybe when Peace Walker is done the team can work on a PS3 titile while the new team continues Rising? Who knows, but Peace Walker is sure sounding good right now!


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