mercoledì 26 agosto 2009

キングダムハーツ バース バイ スリープ (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep)[Psp]

There are lots of fans for the Kingdom Hearts series and its been a while that we have actually heard anything new. Being Square is making it, they are more caught up in all the Final Fantasy madness. Well in the latest issue of Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura gives us more details about the upcoming game for PSP.

According to the interview the game will have all 3 main characters be playable. The 3 will each have their own campeigns that will last about 15 hours each. Thats over 45 hours worth of gameplay for a PSP game! Along with that the game will feature worlds of Cinderella and Lilo and Stitch. The Lilo and Stitch setting will take place in space before our friend ever came to Earth.

It is also noted that the offical release date won't be announced until after FF13 comes out (annoying I know), but they do ensure taht the game will be hitting Japan this winter. Obviously i'm pretty hyped about this game, but come on where is the PS3 Kingdom Hearts 3!?


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