mercoledì 26 agosto 2009

Già pianificata la Psp-4000?

Late in June, we posted about a tip received from an N4G user, Super_Secret. This tip detailed the upcoming PS3 Slim, including specific details, like the removal of other OS support and the touch buttons in lieu of more cost effecient push buttons. As last week's revelation of the PS3 Slim proved, Super_Secret's tip was dead on.

In light of the confirmation of Super_Secret's previous tip, we're now revisiting another, perhaps even more interesting, rumor he posted. According to Super_Secret's post, the PSP-3000 will be phased out, but not by the PSP Go. The PSP-4000 is purportedly in development, and it will come fully equipped with a UMD drive. Details outside of that are still hazy at best, but expect to hear more about it after Sony's taken care of the launch of the PSP Go.

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