venerdì 28 agosto 2009

Capcom teases new announcements for TGS

Capcom's latest Twitter update has tickled our fancy with a promise of new game announcements at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. The tweet reads, "Hard at work on Tokyo Game Show plans. Several new games to be announced in Japan, lots of new content for LP2, TvC, DR2. Exciting!".

I'm hoping for a Dead Rising 2 trailer, some news about a PS3 Lost Planet 2 demo(which our 360 counterparts got a hold of last week), some news on the recently trademarked Okamiden, a Resident Evil PSP gameplay trailer, and an announcement of any of the following: Onimusha, Strider, Powerstone 3, or Devil May Cry 5. Of course, knowing Capcom, we'll get the announcement of Bionic Commando 2 as their show stopper.

What do you guys hope to see?


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