martedì 7 luglio 2009

Next Way of the Samurai game revealed

The first Way of the Samurai was a tragically overlooked PS2 game. Released early on in the PS2's life cycle, the game told a very Yojimbo/Fistful of Dollars tale of a wandering samurai. WOTS featured a rather open ended story and a very deep combat system, with over 40 different weapons.

The franchise would be continued through a subpar sequel, and a new entry that graced the PS3 late last year in Japan. In an odd turn of events, the once PS3 exclusive WOTS3 was later ported to the 360 in Japan earlier this year, and is now set to release for the 360 in North America this holiday season as a 360 exclusive.

As it turns out, the latest entry into the series did well enough to warrant a new chapter in the franchise. Word comes from a popular Japanese retailer that the debut trailer for a new Way of the Samurai game will be included in the PSP port of Way of the Samurai 2. The PSP port will also include several new features, like a Gears of War horde-style challenge mode, and is due out September 3. Don't be surprised if Famitsu reveals the new game before then, though.


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