venerdì 3 luglio 2009

Next stop is Sakigahara:Annunciato il nuovo Sengoku Basara!

The Sengoku BASARA (Devil King) series has brought players into the world of the samurai, tracing back the Japanese history to the 1500's and displayed various historical wars on the PS2. Capcom has just released a new sequel to their series, except this time they are entering the year 1600, centering the Battle at Sekigahara.

No further details have been announced yet. However, people who are familiar with the Japanese history can already tell that Ishida Mitsunari will be introduced into the game as a new character.

While one may look forward to it on either the PS2 or PS3, there are speculations that suggest the game will be a Wii game, instead of a PS one.

Further Reading:
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[UPDATE]:Presentazione su Famitsu.

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