domenica 28 giugno 2009

PS3 exclusive RPG Atelier Rorona selling out in Japan!

Gust's Atelier Rorona is one of two PS3 exclusive RPGs debuting in Japan this month, alongside Agarest Senki Zero. Unlike Agarest, though, Atelier Rorona seems to be enjoying quite a bit of success. Early reports indicate that the game is selling out everywhere in Japan, especially so in Akibahara, the country's tech hub.

Atelier Rorona received a positive critical reception, garnering a 90/85/80/75 ranking from Dengeki PlayStation and a 30/40 from Famitus magazine. Similar to the situation with From Software's Demons Souls, low initial shipments seems to be one of the leading factors behind the sell out. Atelier Rorona sold around 25,000 copies it's first day, selling through over 70% of it's initial shipment. No word on when a new shipment is due.

Atelier Rorona is the latest entry into the long running Atelier franchise. Rorona represents the best selling entry in the series in nearly 5 years, since the release of Atelier Iris 2. No official word on whether the game will make it across the pond, though NIS has reportedly been looking into it.


Ecco perchè dovrò aspettare luglio per averne una copia...

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