sabato 16 maggio 2009

MMORPG gratis in autunno per PS3!

Releasing in Autumn is a new MMORPG called エンジェル戦記 (literally translates to Angels Battle History... I'll just refer it to War of Angels from now on) and it's FREE......well the client is anyways. The client can be downloaded from the Japanese Playstation Store and the add-ons from the same place would have a small fee associated to them.This is the PS3 version of the Windows MMORPG エンジェル戦記 which will have its closed beta test starting two weeks from now on the 27th. After its release, since the server for PC and PS3 would be the same one, players can adventure in the same world even if they have different consoles (if PC is even a console).Please check back for more updates!


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