domenica 17 maggio 2009

From Software teases new game!

In typical Japanese developer fashion, From Software has launched a new teaser page, announcing an announcement of a new game next week. From Software, the developer behind the critically acclaimed PS3 exclusive action RPG Demon's Souls, will be unveiling the game next week on the 22nd. We're betting it will be a new Armored Core title, From Software has put one out every year since 2000, and has yet to announce a console Armored Core due for this year so far. A new Tenchu game is another likely candidate.

From Software has already put 2 games out in 2009, the PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls and the XBox 360 exclusive Ninja Blade, and have confirmed to be developing an Armored Core game for PSP. Check back next week on the 22nd for more(or Tuesday night, where Famitsu leaks will probably reveal the game).


Dopo Demon's Souls per Ps3,Tenchu4 per Psp e Ninja Blade per 360 ho l'acquolina in bocca...sbav,sbav!

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